1. What are Attributes?

Attributes are parameters or data points generated by the machine or device as recognized and classified. Example: Temperature, Humidity, Volt, Speed, Weight, Status, Battery and so on.

2. How can I set Attributes?

As mentioned previously in the introduction, Fogwing IoT Analytics Studio requires attributes to be declared in Fogwing IIoT Platform. Upon declaration of attributes in Fogwing IIoT Platform, those data points alone are pushed to analytics studio for generation of analytical metrics in a user controlled format.

For this, Login to your Fogwing IIoT Platform account >> Click Edge Devices from Edge Network on the left side menu bar of Home page >> The Edge Device page will appear >> Click ‘Add’ button from the Edge Device page>> Fill in the key information >> Select ‘Submit’ button >> The Edge is now created >> To this Edge if you wish to Add Attribute, Click the Attribute tab from the 'Add Edge Device' page >> Fill in required details >> and Click 'Submit' button.

Declaring 'Attribute' is a pre-requisite for Fogwing IoT Data Analytics.

3. What Details should I fill to add an Attribute?
  • Attribute Key -  This is the key from the inbound JSON payload that you device or system generates. The key attribute is case sensitive, so it should match as it is in the device data.

  • Data Type - This filed required to generate proper metrics. Analytical metrics offered in Fogwing IoT Analytics Studio are generated based on the JSON datatype of the attribute.

  • Based on the data type selected from the dropdown either "Minimum" and "Maximum" or "Default" field will be required to enter. 

    1. The "minimum" and "maximum" fields will be displaying only if the data type is number. 

    2. If the data type is String or Boolean, the "Default" field will be displaying to capture the acceptance.

  • The UoM field refer the unit of measure of the data point. Therefore it should be mandatory to declare for better display in the analytics metrics.

  • Finally the Attribute Name is optional field to give meaningful name for the attributes key. If the Attribute Name is declared then Analytics screens will take that user friendly title as data point title. Otherwise the system generated attribute key will be displaying.